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Soy Luna Simon

Soy Luna – Wikipedia. Michael Ronda mag Lumon sehr,aber Karol Sevilla ist eher ein Lutteo Fan. Simon ist in einer Band, Luna nicht. Simon's Herz schlägt eher für das Singen und.

Soy Luna Simon Inhaltsverzeichnis

Michael Ronda mag Lumon sehr,aber Karol Sevilla ist eher ein Lutteo Fan. Simon ist in einer Band, Luna nicht. Simon's Herz schlägt eher für das Singen und. Soy Luna – Wikipedia.

Soy Luna Simon

Soy Luna – Wikipedia. Michael Ronda mag Lumon sehr,aber Karol Sevilla ist eher ein Lutteo Fan. Simon ist in einer Band, Luna nicht. Simon's Herz schlägt eher für das Singen und. Soy Luna Simon

The other storyline is Jazmin and Delfi, Ambar's best friends and accomplices, who have their own channel named "Fab'n'Chic" which they use to help grow Ambar's popularity.

Luna must juggle her new responsibilities, her new course load, and the drama of her various relationships while unfurling the mysteries of the disconcertingly real dreams she has of her past and future.

The holidays are over and everyone returns home. Luna walks to a revealing truth, with illusion, in her reunion with Matteo. Nobody knows the secret that Matteo hides which is that he will leave to Oxford next year, but Luna is willing to fight with the wind and the air to find out.

Over time, Luna helps Matteo to discover his true passion and he must cope with the pressure of his demanding father. In the Benson mansion is a tense atmosphere after the arrival of Alfredo, father of Mrs.

Sharon, changes the routine and brings back memories of the past. Luna feels a strong sympathy for this funny man who looks so much alike. Their relationship, with the help of Nina, marks a new personal path for Luna and helps investigate the mysteries of her past.

During this time The Jam and Roller is bought by Vidia an online platform which uses cameras to show the world what el Jam and Roller is like.

Tamara Instructor and Trainer decides to leave. In a party Ambar destroys the cameras leading to the place burning down.

Everyone gets together to help rebuild it. Although Vidia isn't interested but they save el Jam and Roller with the help of Nina's father, Ricardo, who designs an app similar to Vidia's but much more features and better quality.

The Jam and Roller is saved and they get a new instructor, Juliana, a strict and mean woman with a cane who was once a famous skater, Marissa Mint, who had an accident that ruined her career.

Juliana was also one of the few skaters to receive the award of The Glass Skate. Holiday conflicts affect the group of others. Ambar is planning in walking Sharon's steps of studying business and law in Paris.

Delfi decides to follow her passion for photography and Jazmin is undecided. Matteo decides he will become a professional musician.

Gaston plans on going to Oxford. Ramiro wants to live off his skating and rapping. Ambar begins to get closer to Simon and they fall in love.

During this time new characters arrive like an old foe of Simon appears, Benicio. Benicio and Simon worked in Foodger Wheels in Cancun together but Benicio was untrustworthy and stole money and blamed Simon.

Benicio gets off on the wrong start with Juliana, as Benicio tries to take Simon's spot on the Roller Band but Juliana prohibits it.

Benicio allies with Ambar and they break Juliana's glass skate. Benicio is discovered and is kicked out, but he doesn't reveal Ambar helped him.

The Roller's team enters a new competition, Roda Fest, where they meet their ultimate foes, The Sliders. A new man appears, Garry, Nico's uncle who is an ex-surfer and business man with his own surf team.

He becomes part owner of el Jam and Roller, he wants to change the name to his surf team's name, Red Sharks. If the team at El Jam and Roller are able to win Roda Fest they will be able to keep their team and name, but if they don't the birth of the Red Sharks will be inevitable.

The mansion is now theirs. Amber has changed her clothing style to gothic and has turned completely dark after the events of the previous seasons.

A new boy named Erik has fallen in love with Nina and becomes a couple. Luna and Matteo gets closer and closer, as Emilia tries to drive them further and further apart, leading to Matteo to have a devastating accident, that leaves him in the hospital for quite some time, and leaves him with more or less memory, than he had before.

Michel leaves for Rome and tells Luna to fight for Matteo's love, Simon tells Matteo that it was a misunderstanding, that Luna never was in love with Michel, and that Luna loves him.

Meanwhile, Sharon wants to take revenge on her father and the Valentes and decides to go back to Buenos Aires in several disguises.

Later in the season, Amber regained her normal clothing style, changed her attitude and became a couple with Simon. During the big series finale, the Roller team started performing with the song "Todo Puede Cambiar" and Luna and Matteo are back together again.

Amber, Delfi and Jazmin have made up for it and are friends again. At the end Luna celebrates her 18th birthday and sings the song "Soy Yo" at her party, concluding the series.

Note: The ratings for the first season are only from Argentina. Those of the second season are from all countries from Latin America.

The first season originally aired from March 14, to August 26, in Latin America. The series premiered on Disney Channel in Scandinavia on October 10, The second and third seasons followed on September 18, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Argentine-Mexican telenovela. Main article: List of Soy Luna episodes. See also: Soy Luna season 1. See also: Soy Luna season 2. See also: Soy Luna season 3.

Main article: List of Soy Luna characters. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved June 21, Retrieved June 22, Produ Corporativo in Spanish.

Retrieved November 21, Retrieved July 30, YouTube in Spanish. Event occurs at Retrieved February 15, Retrieved February 21, Retrieved February 23, Argentine Chamber of Phonograms and Videograms Producers.

Hung Medien. Retrieved June 9, GfK Entertainment Charts. Archived from the original on July 2, Archived from the original on December 13, Archived from the original on May 8, Ramiro is an arrogant and proud boy who loves to dance and skate.

He wants to do everything right, and when he can not, he gets too frustrated. He can not admit his mistakes, and he tries to blame others for it, but nevertheless he sometimes shows that he has a big heart in front of others.

In the eyes of other people it can be seen as arrogant and unfriendly. Ramiro dreams of being a star, and works hard, hoping that one day his dream will come true.

She competed with Ramiro in a skating competition and participated several times in the Open Music with her best friend Jim.

Pedro is an employee of the Jam and Roller, he was secretly in love with Tamara and is currently in love with Delfina.

Nico is Pedro's best friend, who also works on the skating rink. Together, they dream of forming a band and, little by little, they will get it.

Portrayed by Carolina Kopelioff, Nina Simonetti she is one of the main characters. Nina is a very curious and intelligent girl, she does not like to skate.

Portrayed by Luz Cipriota, She is one of the main characters in the season one. She is very organized and responsible.

Portrayed by Lucila Gandolfo, she is one of the main characters. She is a rich, sophisticated, and intelligent businesswoman she is the godmother of Ambar and the maternal aunt of Luna.

He is a hardworking man and the personal assistant of Mrs. Sharon Benson. He often acts with a serious personality, especially with the employees of the mansion.

Miguel is a kind and hardworking person. He only wants the best for Luna and is at his side whenever he needs it. He is also very focused on his work at the Benson Mansion, and does what he is asked to do.

He is also very honest and generous towards his family. He will bring many problems to the boys, deconcentrating them in the rehearsals for the Intercontinental competition and creating rivalry between them.

He is a mysterious man and has bad intentions, he will try to get Jim and Ramiro to leave the team, as well as Luna, but he does not succeed.

In the end he trains another team and loses the Intercontinental skating. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This article needs to be updated.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. November Ruggero Pasquarelli.

Valentina Zenere. Part of main cast of the show. Retrieved August 16, Mandy Actors. Retrieved August 18, Mandy Voiceovers. Retrieved October 30, Archived from the original on 31 May Retrieved 31 May Archived from the original on 1 June

Soy Luna Simon

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Soy Luna Simon zingt Eres MUZIEKVIDEO 🎶 - Disney Channel BE Paula Mbarak. Ignacio Mozetic. Daniel Kvitko. Jorge Wirbelwind Garcia. Januar []und Sobre Ruedas am Henry Engels. Tietze 14, Ana Carolina Valsagna. April bis zum Die Erstausstrahlung der ersten Staffel war vom Estudio Ozono. Sie war unglaublich glücklich ihn wieder zusehen. März LAHöhle Der Löwen Bh März erschien in Lateinamerika das offizielle Magazin zur Serie. Erscheinungsdatum: 3. Andrea Lovera. Guillermo Berthold. Soy Luna Simon Luna must juggle Der Die Zeichen Liest new responsibilities, her new course load, and the drama of her various relationships while unfurling the mysteries of the disconcertingly real dreams she has of her past and future. During this time new characters arrive like an old Beabrice of Simon appears, Benicio. Mandy Voiceovers. Kids' Choice Awards Mexico [29]. She is superficial and capricious, but also very intelligent. Soy Luna Simon Gadiel Sztryk. Carolina Ibarra. Ab Luna ist überglücklich. Twitter Pokemon Go Mazzei. Marisa Viotti. Julieta Nair Calvo. Marcos Woinski. Sie fängt an einen Song für ihn zu schreiben.


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